Because of the different personality and pursuit

How much wealth, cannot determine whether the taste elegant; status of high and low, could not decide whether the pursuit of lofty; powers of size, can’t change the noble moral character. Vast sea, character varies, taste different; night, dreams vary, the pursuit of gorgeous. Origin could not decide the dignity, money does not represent the personality, wealth cannot be symbolic character, status does not show that sentiment. Maybe some emperors, taste is vulgar in decay; maybe some wild grass, the pursuit of excellence high.


Because of the different personality and pursuit of, being also the realm of life difference. Saying a feather flock together, birds of a feather flock together, is what it means. Life’s journey, long long, like-minded people have very few, informed started people is not a lot of interest, and swaddled, and at a time when poverty don’t be ashamed of, at a time when rich people still cherish very less. Mr LU Xun once presented Mr Qu Qiu-Bai’s inscription said: life is a confidant enough, sishi when to consider. Today it is: all you have, is sufficient to get an understanding of one’s people, life should treat him as their brother.


In this world, people are different, such as face. Seeking cheaper interests and many people sentiments the noble pursuit of lofty people seldom; indifferent to many people, like-minded people seldom; be strange bedfellows who many, hearts are few; we meet for the first time Buying wow gold, many of the some like it hot, enduring and crumbling rocks are few. Because rare, so rare, because precious, rare; because friends hard to come by, so have become a favorite tale of the high mountain flowing water.
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