Plains is a beautiful picture of a site on the world

Dream, once again I went back to my hometown. Midnight awake, full of sadness, and missed the tide roll in, I’m lonely and overwhelmed, my lonely disperse, pulls me back the soul, day, thinking of the night around a dream home.


My hometown is the endless plains, Plains is a beautiful picture of a site on the world. Industrious farmers for generations with youth and sweat on this picture, expressing dream, dream flower sea of flowers, colorful colors, also have their own unique fragrance. The Crescent River, light smoke, soft accent, strong feeling, as if the background picture of Impressionism, the courtyard of Red Wall and green tiles, congcong blue village, naive and lively children, laughter Yingying girls face kindly old man, such as a picture of the event, a mind, I also felt very warm. In the villages and farms, the tree has many large and small, in a branch or under the eaves, or on the grass, occasionally found nest, nests of different birds have different, when the eggs after a hard warm feeding, bird’s wings were hard, fly. Birds fly out as means of livelihood, have left the plain, to the sea, flying to the plateau, flying to the grasslands, heading towards it. I like the birds that fly to far away, hometown farther distances. When bird, is flying back home, like the swallows or geese migratory bird, no matter how distant journey, no matter how difficult the course, they are always home Moonbeam shines my, and lifelong social graces do not change. Memories of my home, I always think of love me love my loved ones, remember innocent childhood Playmate, remember the carefree days of, remember that fill the Earth, green such as TUV Rheinland and wheat.
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