Kam in the time of Joseph was afraid to love

Shadow is no matter when and where, closely followed by its own Cheap WOW Gold Eu, when I get lonely, it is quiet in a corner quiet with me and take this life, quiet cool. It not the occasion will not grief only with me and take this life quietly. When I then, it will accompany me to bloom in every day life, and enchanting.


Qing used shadow company, feeling it was not leave part of my life. When you are lonely when coming to an end, I sit quietly, and not far from the corner, a shadow follows me around. I finally realized that I’m not alone, no matter where in my life, has been the shadow of the Qing dynasty, it is not for me not to abandon.


Kam in the time of Joseph, was afraid to love, and think of a report from the deep longing for love, has been in the silence that followed his departure do not abandon shadow, and his smile to himself over and over again. This time was not of the kind of peace and quiet in the extreme? I at least did it, in his own world, closed-eye has been thought, and smiled.
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